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About our company

Business Process Excellence is key to success . IDEAGEN Team is willing to guide and support you to reach your goals while strengthening the utmost satisfaction of your customers. We do Online and Onsite consultancy.

Quality & Productivity improvements coupled with International Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS, ISO 22000 and other many more standards are key to success.
The ultimate aim of the journey is to have healthy business results and this is a never ending process. Today’s success is no longer valid tomorrow and we have to strive our level
best to find better systems, methodalogies.

Our Vision

  • To be a leading online consultancy entity by 2030  in  Asia.

Our Mission

  • To provide a solid platform for industry experts to share knowledge and expertise through active participation on solving problems faced by industry and partnering with industrial entities in facing challenges in the best possible way to survive & sustain.

Training and Consultancy

In today’s business context success depends on how efficient you are in networking and taping the new knowledge.

Global customers are waiting for faster and more reliable solutions for day-to-day and strategic issues. It is clear for all of us that we can’t resolve every problem ourselves and it is a right choice to tap capabilities whenever needed to meet challenges. 

Through these services we render, you can share your knowledge and wealth of expertise with other business parties while earning a decent earning.

Are you a consultant ?

We are currently hiring new team members to IDEAGEN team and we present you with the opportunity to join with us and expand your experience and work with us.

Our services

Online Training

World is gaining new knowledge and important that you are updated all the time.

Online solution provider

No need to panic in a situation of a problem. With our expertise , we are there to help you to find effective and long-lasting solutions.

Online Consultancy

Wealth of knowledge is there to use. We provide Consultancy Services on System certification.

Online – Product Certifications Guide

We do services on Product Certification on UL, CSA,CE Marking, RoHS, REACH and Similar projects.


Online Systems Auditing

In coordination with your staff to enhance good work practices while eliminating non compliances

Online Partner

Our policy is to tap best knowledge and expertise across the world. If you are interested, you are welcome. Partnering with IDEAGEN Consultants and become a Trainer/Consultant.

Why choose us​

Ideagen Consultants is geared to provide a stronger networking facility between industry experts and business units so that solid solutions are created and implemented.

A wide range of industrial expertise will guarantee the efficient and effective outcome of the projects, and assignments under taken.

Close supervision and monitoring will enhance the success of the projects/assignments so that the ultimate result is met